Cystic Nodules And Radio-Frequency Ablation

Quite frequently we get asked if ethanol ablation can be carried out for cystic nodules, the data is quite clear, for simple cysts ethanol ablation is superior to Radio-frequency ablation.

However, a lot of our patients have thyroid cysts which are complex with the solid component being Substantial In the absence of ablation of the solid component the cyst continues to recur or the solid component continues to give patient symptoms of compression and cosmetic distress

Here we have a patient who had a complex cyst who had 2 aspirations done by her E.N.T specialist with Recurrences Cystic nodule measured 27 cm, After aspiration the solid component was 6.4 cm 5 weeks after Radio-frequency ablation, nodule is 2 cm, this is a 92% reduction in nodule volume.

Upon aspirating the cyst we realized that the solid component was significant, this was biopsied and found to be benign.

She underwent Radio-frequency ablation with 35 W energy and the solid component was ablated

6 weeks later she has complete resolution of all her symptoms she has no cosmetic or compressive distress, The nodule is more than 92% smaller in volume

At our center we reserve ethanol ablation for pure cystic nodules without any substantial solid component.

Shahzad Ahmad M.D., F.A.C.E.

The Thyroid Clinic

Salt Lake City, Utah

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