Comprehensive Thyroid Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating even if it does not end up causing severe sickness or death. There is no such thing as a “good type of cancer”.
Our doctors at the Endocrinology Center of Utah are thyroid cancer experts and are determined to achieve Freedom from Thyroid Cancer for all of our patients. Not only free from cancer in the body, but also free from the anxiety caused by being a thyroid cancer survivor.
**How we care for you? **

1) Our doctors have developed tremendous experience and expertise in thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our endocrinologists have performed more than 5,000 thyroid biopsies, and our surgeons have performed thousands of thyroid surgeries.

2) We personalize the care to YOU, and do not use a one size fit all system. Recent advances in medicine and genetics allow as to treat YOUR thyroid cancer specifically, and not thyroid cancer in general. Due to the wealth and constant expansion of our knowledge, only doctors specialized in thyroid cancer and thyroid diseases are able to utilize the appropriate tools to provide you with the best outcomes.

3) We have a team of experts from different specialties caring for you.

4) You can rest assured that the surveillance of your thyroid cancer will be performed by a thyroid cancer expert endocrinologist, who is also an expert ultrasonographer. Thus, big malignant neck metastases and recurrence (cancer coming back) will not be missed and will be treated promptly. For reasons discussed in the comprehensive thyroid nodule care section, the quality of ultrasound is much lower if done by most radiology departments.

5) We are able to offer the latest treatment that fits your needs, and are also able to recommend to avoid treatment when it is not necessary. This is particularly important in our day and age, as overwhelming evidence is pushing towards less surgery, less radioactive iodine, and more active surveillance. You need an expert to know when you need treatment, but also when you should not get treatment.

6) The vast majority of our patients get better, and are able to lead a normal and joyful life.

**What are the symptoms of Thyroid Cancer?**

Most people with thyroid cancer will not notice any symptoms, until the cancer is very big. The most common noticeable finding is a lump in the thyroid (thyroid nodule), that is felt by you or your doctor (sometimes it can be seen in the mirror).

When you have a thyroid nodule, symptoms that raise high suspicion for thyroid cancer include:

  • Hoarseness/Voice change
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Breathing problems (especially when lying flat)
  • Persistent pain in the lower part of the front of the neck
  • Persistent unexplained cough

If you feel a lump in your neck, please see a thyroid specialist as soon as possible, especially if you also have at least one of these symptoms.

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